The bank transfer is a classic way to make a payment with your own money, not a credit.

Bank Transfer Pros:

  1. You will not buy Bitcoin using a credit card (which may lead to additional interest fees).
  2. It's an instant transfer via SEPA.
  3. You can send a copy of payment confirmation (receipt for SEPA payment made online) to purchase the bitcoins immediately.
  4. No need to interact with 3rd party payment sites.
  5. You will avoid the risk if the credit card issuer rejects the transfer.
  6. It's easy to track how much money you spend on your Bitcoin order.
  7. You can use the same method to sell BTC (actually, that's the only way).
  8. No need to share your credit card details.
  9. There are no limits on how much EUR to convert in crypto coins.

Bank Transfer Cons:

  • It may take up to 2 more minutes to make the transfer because you need to log in to your bank account, paste the BitIreland's bank details, and confirm the payment.

With BitIreland, you can use your bank account as Bitcoin exchange, because you get the Bitcoins instantly to your wallet.

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