The account verification is part of every Bitcoin exchange. This page has all the information you need to know and instructions on how to complete your verification quickly.

You can approve your account within minutes, and get instant access to all features.

Enjoy Crypto using 'Your Shortcut to Bitcoin'.

To Get Started you need to log in to your account at BitIreland:

Using your login details:

  • user-name
  • password
  • 2FA (if activated)

Step 1: For security reasons :

secure the access to your account

Proof of Login

Confirm your phone number


Verify your email

(sometimes the email may arrive in your SPAM or JUNK box)

Step 2: KYC & AML Verification

Verify Identity

Proof of ID

Upload or Take a Picture (You can use the camera of your smartphone, tablet, computer):

1. Valid Passport, ID, National Card, Driving Licence
Why: Prove your identity (Required by KYC & AML policies)

2. Utility bill not older than 6 months
Why: Prove your current address (Required by KYC & AML policies)

Step 4: Fraud Protection

Proof of Account - Approve your account to trade Bitcoin instantly

Proof of Account

Take a picture of note "I WANT TO BUY BITCOIN FROM BITIRELAND" with TODAY's date with you holding the note.
Why: Approve your account to order crypto and protect it from fraud or scam orders.

How to approve your account:

  • Get a list of paper or a blank sheet
  • Add Today's date
  • Get your ID
  • Take a picture (by holding them) and Upload it

Once, it's done you will unlock all features. Your account will be approved by you to continue with quick and easy orders of Bitcoin.

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