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Would you like to Buy or Sell Bitcoins? These days the convenient way is to use an online exchange platform because it provides live rates and real-time customer support. Compared to the local ATM and international exchange services, you can get an even better price for BTC (and local customer service by experts).

Every exchange requires to have an account, and then a verified profile. After that, you're able to get access to all features and functions. That's how it works in Ireland, and all over the world.

Learn more about how a Bitcoin exchange works:

Create an account

  • You need to have an account with your personal information.
  • Choose user name (user ID), password, email, and which security features to activate.

Verify your account

  • Each platform has to verify their customers.
  • It's part of the AML & KYC policies, and also to avoid fake orders.

Add a payment method

  • You can use different methods to sell or buy.
  • Our platform works with Bank Transfers.

Exchange Bitcoin to Euro

  • You can buy and sell at any time (instantly).
  • The whole process is speedy.
  • You can track the transaction process all the time.
  • for BUY order you need to provide your Bitcoin address only (we'll validate it to be sure the transaction will go your wallet directly).
  • for SELL order it's necessary to send BTC to a give address in your order.

Get assistance

  • There is a dedicated team to assist you with every step.
  • Usually, it's a live chat, email support, or a hot-line.
  • We can help you to avoid any possible mistake.

Enjoy Bitcoin

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Irish Bitcoin Exchange

  • Office in Dublin
  • Local Irish Support
  • Secure Transactions
  • Fast payouts
  • Proven process
  • Quick confirmation

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